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EVOLVED part 4 - equipments

Posted by Zulmargera87 on April 26, 2011 at 3:33 AM
Hello everyone. This parts has a lot evolutions here i think.
Equipment on player models such as pounch, radio, starp, pistols hosler, and so on.
Valve cstrike models contained such that things but still crap things for me. hehehe :D
take  a look here.

This is Gign player models compiled by Valve. As you can see here its a flat things.
Pounches is just a box and also pistol hosler.
Skinner named Laca has tried to make evolutionary fo player models and big thanks to him.
I've found so many nice equipments created by him. So many skinners use it included me too.
This is Laca's player models with some equipments pounches, hosler, and strap. Textures by me.

But i found this one, the geometry of pounches are still a box. I mean there's no detail
on it. Well maybe it looks okay because its texture-tricks.
Then i found an awesome Laca's made. Its hip-pounches and pistol-hosler. So i pickup this
and compiled on my PASKAU player models. I can say this one i found its a rap. Many downloaders
like it. Checkout the image below.

Its realistic! with photo-skinning technique, everything looks very realistic.
So i made a pounches like that hip-pounches and compiled to my Antigas Regiment player models
without using photo-skinning technique. I also add some details on it like mic, wires, and straps.
Check out this.

In October 2009, Teh Frowhner contact me and said ,"me, millenia, and some of my fellas are going
to make a new replacements for cstrike. Will you join us?" then i accept it. He said they want me
to make a new pounches, equipments, straps, and so on. So i started sketching on my desk.
I want to make something very impressive you know, then i checkout some real images how does a real
pounches and equipments look. So my idea is to put a magazine inside the pounches.
After working for hours, i did modelled a new stuffs. Check out this.

Smg mag pounches contained an mp5 type magazine with covered pounches and also rifle mag pounches
contained m16/m4 type magazine inside. I also put some velcro on rifle pounches and lift-dot
on smg and pistol's clip pounches.
Behind it shoulder, i put a radio with wire which connected to headphone. The headphone absolutely
fits with heads player models. After done, i sent this to Teh Frowhner and he absolutely like it. :)

I also put some details on vest and every equipments on Darkshine_beta/final are absolutely differents
and unique so it doesn't look a bit boring when you see 5 models has a same bodies with different head. :D
In Darkshine_final player models, i also put a gasmask and some tactical stuffs which is an icon for
special forces units.

There's various of equipments here ready to attach on any Darkshine_final models.

Darkshine_final player models is available to download at www.gamebanana.com
manufactured in DARKSHINE STUDIO and released under ALTEC INC STUDIO.
So that's it. The evolutionary of skinning. :)
Thanks to : Teh Frowhner, Felipe Paiva (Project Reality commander), downloaders, and my ex-studio members


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Reply Zulmargera87
3:21 AM on April 28, 2011 
Red.Dragon says...
can you tell me how I can download skins for counter strike 1.6 characters and where the discharge

its all free. or u can download DarkShine player skin stuffs in our website. just go to 'download' tab. all these player models suitable for cs1.6 too :)
Reply Red.Dragon
8:01 PM on April 27, 2011 
can you tell me how I can download skins for counter strike 1.6 characters and where the discharge