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so last year i heard about u guys cs-restart project. as far as i know the project was cut-short to add-on stuffs only like changing players model, weapons, and maps. but doesnt change the entire game into a new counter-strike game. i dont know if i heard its a rumor or some. can u guys pls explain bcoz i just saw such a cool urban models made by zulmargera87 in gamebanana so i thought its a cs-restart stuffs :)

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hard to tell taht cs-restart would finish this year or not... since teh frowhner still busy with his uni. yep its true taht teh project was cut-short to addons. liek player model, weapons, and sum new maps (maybe).  for sum info, i will finish teh player skins called 'ST6 vs Phoenix' for upcoming local private tournament. but i will not upload it into public coz its still in development stage.


thou art grant??

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Arclight of DeathStars
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tourneys gonna be awesome. cant wait for it :)

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cut-short to addons?  nevermind. i know the stuffs gonna be awesome anyway :).  the tournament? st6 vs phoenix? what was that?

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