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Razer Kraken USB

Posted by Zulmargera87 on December 3, 2015 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (2)

Am i out of steelseries?


Been using steelseries product fo so long. i've owned kinzuv2, kana csgo series, kanav2 (im using right now), 6gv2 (now), many of sheets of qck mousepads, and already owned 2 siberiav2. first one is white version i sold to my friend after 8 months using (sadly its broken after 1 month my friend use it). second is na'vi version, only use for 3 months then sold to my friend. actually i just concern about their headset quality. i had read many forums about their crappy quality (my friend bought csgo version and right ear just broken).


actually i really wanted to buy HyperX cloud but it outta my budget, so i decided to buy Razer Kraken USB.



  • Immersive virtual surround sound Everything from gunfire, to footsteps, voices, and even the wind in the trees can be heard with positional accuracy relative to your location in the game world
  • Unidirectional analog microphone The unidirectional microphone of the Razer Kraken USB leaves no room for miscommunication: crystal clear audio reproduction, with balanced natural sounding tones, and little background noise pickup
  • Designed for extended gaming comfort Field-tested by countless sports athletes, the Razer Kraken USB is comfortable on your head and ears for extended gaming sessions
  • Its fully adjustable headband and closed ear cups with plush padding ensure a perfect fit every time


Everything looks very good. so comfortable. but still, the audio still not perfect though. sometime you will miss-hear enemy's footsteps. if you like to listening music and care much about audio quality, you better get off of this. because this is gaming grade headset with crisp sound, the audio has been balanced for gaming sound. do not compare this with Audio Technica things because it price is cheapset than other gaming headsets, plus you no need to spend extra cash for usb soundcard because this one does come with intergrated usb.

Good headset but still lack of audio and mic quality. but if you looking for budget headset, this is for you.

pros - usb integrated, comfortable, cheap, cheap, and cheap

cons - no volume control



How does modding motivating us

Posted by Arclight of DeathStars on May 10, 2015 at 3:20 AM Comments comments (1)

Been silence for a years.. i just woke up this morning and suddenly the past things and experiences comes in my mind. I started being so blue, remembering about all of my modding friends, working in gamebanana, modding weapon's skins..its all gone, just passed by a time. How's good is it. Being worked as gaming modder in fantasy ordinary people see it as nothing. But the good thing is we are doing something creative, generating our brain to be more creative, challenging ourself to create something more than just new, and having fun. May able to see a thing more than one aspect, the details what gamers want, and how beautiful the art we did is. I bet drawing a textures with computer is not easy as drawing with pencil. Zulmargera told me the enjoyable painting he had done is painting a texture with photoshop, its more challengeful, and i surrender myself to copy what he done. What im trying to tell here, what we doing or did is not wasting our time and life. Actually it just keep motivating us to be more, to be more creative, to be more than just stare at arts, but see it in many aspects. Too much better than spend 24 hours in game.... Thats what we are. We dont just play it, but we are trying to create it.... 

(dedicated to Zulmargera87)

The real person who motivated modders in gamebanana to return to the desk (but some people denied it)


Posted by Zulmargera87 on April 22, 2013 at 12:20 PM Comments comments (2)

DeaR ALL friends LOL.. actually i want to assemble 1 moar pc for online games to leave in my office. but seems liek ,... did i spent too much bucks guys? :D lol

EVOLVED part 4 - equipments

Posted by Zulmargera87 on April 26, 2011 at 3:33 AM Comments comments (2)
Hello everyone. This parts has a lot evolutions here i think.
Equipment on player models such as pounch, radio, starp, pistols hosler, and so on.
Valve cstrike models contained such that things but still crap things for me. hehehe :D
take  a look here.

This is Gign player models compiled by Valve. As you can see here its a flat things.
Pounches is just a box and also pistol hosler.
Skinner named Laca has tried to make evolutionary fo player models and big thanks to him.
I've found so many nice equipments created by him. So many skinners use it included me too.
This is Laca's player models with some equipments pounches, hosler, and strap. Textures by me.

But i found this one, the geometry of pounches are still a box. I mean there's no detail
on it. Well maybe it looks okay because its texture-tricks.
Then i found an awesome Laca's made. Its hip-pounches and pistol-hosler. So i pickup this
and compiled on my PASKAU player models. I can say this one i found its a rap. Many downloaders
like it. Checkout the image below.

Its realistic! with photo-skinning technique, everything looks very realistic.
So i made a pounches like that hip-pounches and compiled to my Antigas Regiment player models
without using photo-skinning technique. I also add some details on it like mic, wires, and straps.
Check out this.

In October 2009, Teh Frowhner contact me and said ,"me, millenia, and some of my fellas are going
to make a new replacements for cstrike. Will you join us?" then i accept it. He said they want me
to make a new pounches, equipments, straps, and so on. So i started sketching on my desk.
I want to make something very impressive you know, then i checkout some real images how does a real
pounches and equipments look. So my idea is to put a magazine inside the pounches.
After working for hours, i did modelled a new stuffs. Check out this.

Smg mag pounches contained an mp5 type magazine with covered pounches and also rifle mag pounches
contained m16/m4 type magazine inside. I also put some velcro on rifle pounches and lift-dot
on smg and pistol's clip pounches.
Behind it shoulder, i put a radio with wire which connected to headphone. The headphone absolutely
fits with heads player models. After done, i sent this to Teh Frowhner and he absolutely like it. :)

I also put some details on vest and every equipments on Darkshine_beta/final are absolutely differents
and unique so it doesn't look a bit boring when you see 5 models has a same bodies with different head. :D
In Darkshine_final player models, i also put a gasmask and some tactical stuffs which is an icon for
special forces units.

There's various of equipments here ready to attach on any Darkshine_final models.

Darkshine_final player models is available to download at www.gamebanana.com
manufactured in DARKSHINE STUDIO and released under ALTEC INC STUDIO.
So that's it. The evolutionary of skinning. :)
Thanks to : Teh Frowhner, Felipe Paiva (Project Reality commander), downloaders, and my ex-studio members

EVOLVED part 3 - pants

Posted by Zulmargera87 on March 21, 2011 at 4:05 AM Comments comments (0)






Hi everyone. Okay lets discuss about pants. :)

Actually there's not much evolutions about pants but some will realize it, some is going better.

Experiences is the cost.. Checkout the image below.



This is Urban player models compiled by Valve. As you can see here, everything looks good.

just a square shoes i think. Since some of skinner out there tried to make a new player models,

they just misslooking or what? ;D   Okay straight to the point. Pants part on player models

are very important for me. Why? Because bugs could happend on pelvis vertex. Take a look the image below.




This is Laca's pants. I just can say that i only found this for my USS player models.

In January 2009, i released my Antigas Regiment_beta in gamebanana.com. So after i got some

comments and some of assessments too, a skinner named Teh Frowhner said i've done a good job.

He likes some of my stuffs and gonna working together with me. So he want me to check out

his new compiled player models. Looks good so far then i asked him, "why you don't use Laca's pants?".

Then he answered, "I don't like Laca's pants because it has a STUPID PELVIS". what? hahaha :D

So i'd realized he said was true.. Check out the image below.




Absolutely got bugs here. So i'd realized that i need to get a new pants.

Just like i said, "they just misslooking or what?". its included me too. hehehehe

I checkout my directory and i've found Laca's SAS player models. I found this one hasn't stupid pelvis.

So i started compiling this pants and add some equipment like kneepad, straps, and so on.

after working for a hours, i've done compiling a new brand pants. Thanks to Felipe Paiva for

correct bones assign.




This is Darkshine_final player models with a new pants. I also compile it on Darkshine_beta player models.

Knees part i tweaked to fits with a new kneepads. And the entire pants part were completely

remodeled by me. Without stupid pelvis, there's no bugs found here.





I can say this pants looks really nice and realistic :) Teh Frowhner like it and so downloaders.

Thanks to Teh Frowhner and Felipe Paiva for helping me some. I still hoping to make this something

better than this soon and compile it for source. Thank you :D



EVOLVED part 2 - head

Posted by Zulmargera87 on March 14, 2011 at 3:47 AM Comments comments (0)






Experimental, learning, and gain a new experience are the important clue to make your favour come true.

Ok everyone. Some skinners and gamers out there wish to have a real mimic face in game.

Take a look an image below.

This is Gign player model by Valve. You can see here it worn balaclava, and there's nothing else

to see just two eyes and this head looks very simple. By the way this model was very popular

and i can see this one is the most favourite character in cstrike.

Since i become a skinner, i wish to make something better than this. But without any usable tools,

its impossible. But long years ago, a skinner named Laca did... He made many various player's head

models. Take a look an image below. I use it for my USS player models.




Looks pretty good from far. Well, looks lifelike some...But, if you see it litle bit closer with

milkshape3d, it just a some square things wrapped with Fidel Castro's face image. :D hehehe.






Well it looks good. But still not perfect.

In 2008, i joined Altec Inc Studio.

So i decided to make something, its Antigas Regiment for Czero.

I decided to hack Laca's models but i won't use that head. So i pickup one of Laca's head

and i found its a rap. Absolutely excellent, nice geometry, and reliable uv maps.

This is my Antigas Regiment SAS model. Have take a look.





Looks nice and lifelike model. By the way it just a texture-tricks....

After releasing my Darkshine_beta player models, i'd realize that we need something is not

a commercial things..i meant, something is not called tricks because i really getting bored

with tricks way. So i decided to make a new head.....


Making this took me a days on my desk. First i pickup Laca's head and tried to hack it.

After working for a days, i did compiled my first player's head. See the image below. :)





This is Darkshine_final SAS player model. Entire items i will explain later. Lets talkin' about the head.

Well, maybe some of you didn't realize a thing...some of you might said, this head is same than before.

But if you take a look litle bit closer, you would realize a thing...






This head has an eyeball, real lips, and i can say this one 5 time detailed than before.

The important is, you can put an additional anims on it.






In Darkshine_final player models, i also compiled them with various of headgear like headphone, hats,

and nvg google. If some of skinner out there want to convert this into source or any other games,

i really appreciate that. Even it still in final stage, you are welcome to edit this head. :)

That is the evolutionary of skinning. Thanks everyone.






EVOLVED part 1 - hands

Posted by Zulmargera87 on March 14, 2011 at 3:37 AM Comments comments (0)






Hi everyone.

Some of gamers out there doesn't take serious about player models.

I started my research in how to make player model with a new look, realistic, and lifelike looking.

First i found many skinner uses 'texture-tricks' to make it looks realistic, by the way it still a square things...

First topic i want to discus here is about player hands models. Please take a look the image below.





This is the old sas player models compiled by Valve. You can see this hands look square..i can't imaging how its hold a gun..

As you can see here a hands looks flat and there's no gap between its fingers. But using 'texture-tricks', some people

doesn't realize anything. I know some gamers doesn't think too much about this...

But some serious gamers might say "this is suck. i wish to have something realistic for this game".

Then we knew some of modeller and skinner out there tried to reskin it.


Ok. Then they did some new hands and well, looks good. not bad.

Here is a hands compiled by Laca (a skinner i respect u know)




Everything's looks good with a fingers and wrist. Ok i found this one looks good. I also uses this hands

for my Urban Survivor Series (USS) long ago. In Darkshine studio room, me and Bajang taking a look

my compiled USS models, Bajang said "this hands doesn't fits with p_model. i wish to have some realistic

hands you know, like we holding a grip and our pointing finger holds on trigger"....

He was right. I hope can make it.....then i fall assleep.. :P


After doing some research, i've found one of Laca's stuffs. Its Laca's 'chrome-hands'. and i found its realistic!

It has real looks fingers and geometries. Then i compile it to my Antigas-Regiment sas models.

Take a look the images below. You can see how it fits with AK47.






Ok this looks good. but you can't put a texture on it. its chrome!...ok this is sucks.

Not many people like it..because they can't reskin it.. Then i fall assleep again..... :(


New day, new mind, new thinking. I decided to make a new hands. I want to make something better!

something realistic! even more realistic than source hands. After working for a weeks, i've made

a new brand hands. Every fingers are details and i can put a texture on it. and i can make various glove style.

I've compiled on my Darkshine_final player models which got a majority responds from skinners and gamers around the world.

Thanks everyone. Take a look the images below.






You can see this hands fits perfectly with these p_weapon. Three fingers on grip, pointing finger on trigger.

Well this skins are still in final stage. My next project is to compile it for source. By the way now i'm

busy with Battlefield 2 project. Anyone have a source-compiling skills can help me out. :)